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December 2010

Articles in this Issue:

  • Interactions Between Fire and Nonnative Species in Hawaiian Forests and Shrublands
    By Alison Ainsworth, J. Boone Kauffman, and Creighton M. Litton
  • Research Updates in Rangeland and Natural Area Weed Management
    By James Leary
  • Leucaena Is Not Koa Haole: Koa is not koa haole, a fact evident to all in Hawai‘i. Leucaena is also not koa haole, a fact that is much less clear.
    By James L. Brewbaker
  • Using Remote Sensing to Assess Forest Structure and Growth at the Tree Level
    By Rodolfo Martinez Morales and Travis Idol

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July 2009

Articles in this issue:

  • Hawaii’s Natural Area Reserves System
  • Hakalau Forest National Wildlife Refuge: A Conservation Model for the Big Island
  • How to get the most biodiversity for your buck: Smart investments in reforestation
  • Who’s Tending the Dryland Forest?
  • A Message from Dr. Travis Idol, President

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September 2008

Articles in this issue:

  • Hawaii’s Diverse Forestry Future – Something For Everyone
  • Potential for Plantation Forestry in Hawai`i
  • Great Hardwoods In Hawai`i, But A Tough Place To Do Business
  • The Future of Koa as Hawaii’s Premier Hardwood
  • A Message from Steve Smith, President

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September 2007

Articles in this issue:

  • Directions for Hawai`i’s Forest Industry for the Next Century
  • Making Conservation Pay
  • Koa Mills of Hawai`i
  • The Value of Managing Acacia koa Forests
  • A Message from Steve Smith, President

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June 2006

Articles in this issue:

  • Keys to Success in Plantation Forestry: Lessons from Hamakua
  • Forest Restoration at Kona Hema
  • The black twig borer, Xylosandrus compactus (Coleoptera: Scolytidae): A Serious Impediment to Acacia koa Reforestation
  • Hardwoods
  • Acacia koa (koa)
  • New life on the Big Island
  • Growing a Sustainable Future for Kauai
  • A Message from Sally Rice, President

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