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Sneak Preview of the Go Native Grower’s Guide

Published in September 2022, the guide includes a reference table of over 200 native Hawaiian plants, growing zone maps, and 24 landscape scenarios with assemblages of recommended native Hawaiian and Polynesian-introduced plants.  Guides can be purchased on

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If you want to grow native Hawaiian plants, here’s how you would use the guide:

  1. Figure out which growing zone you’re in (approximate; it’s not an exact science)
  2. Decide on the landscape scenario that best fits your needs
  3. Look up the recommended assemblage of plants for your growing zone and scenario
  4. (Optional) Use the reference table to find other plants to complement or replace the ones in the suggested scenario

View a Sample Scenario (work-in-progress, a total of 24 scenarios will be included).

View a Sample of the Reference Table (work-in-progress).

View the List of Grower’s Guide Reviewers and Advisors.

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Go Native!: Your guide to growing Native Hawaiian and canoe plants wherever you live, work, or play: Parkinson, Hilary, Arinaga, Paul, Price, Jonathan, Foye, Tom: 9798840400005: Books

Vision: Nature Restored from Mauka to Makai

The goal of the Go Native Project is to encourage and help more people to grow native Hawaiian and Polynesian-introduced plants, particularly in urban and suburban areas. The idea is that if we can inspire enough people to create native Hawaiian “Victory Gardens” then these kīpuka can collectively form an urban forest and eventually connect with remaining natural forests. Someday you might even see Kamehameha butterflies and Hawaiian forest birds in your backyard!

Help Us to PRINT the GUIDE!

Please help us raise funds to print the Go Native Grower’s Guide. We would like to print 1,000 copies for distribution at nurseries, gardens, arboretums and through other partner organizations. Estimated cost: approx. $15,000.


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