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Healthy and Productive Forests
A Growing Part of Hawaii’s Future


Campaign Summary

The Healthy and Productive Forests, A Growing Part of Hawaii’s Future campaign seeks to position forestry in the public conscience as one renewable resource of sustainable agriculture with widespread economic, environmental, and social benefits. This effort involves the collection and dissemination of information centered on the sustainable management of Hawaii’s forests to encourage positive awareness of the forest products industry. We have identified the benefits of forestry from a sustainability perspective. The target audiences include 1) policymakers and stakeholders, 2) community leaders, 3) educators and students, and 4) the general public.

Hawaii’s forests are critically important to the health and well-being of Hawaii’s people. Today, our forests are dependent upon the people of Hawai‘i to maintain their integrity, endemism, diversity, and ecosystem functions. Forests are vital to the state’s economy, its people, and the host culture. Forests provide watershed, soil, and species habitat protection as well as recreational, educational, cultural, and employment opportunities. Where appropriate, a return of less productive agricultural lands to more productive forests, while recognizing the importance of planting the right trees in the right places, will help ensure healthy forest ecosystems for generations to come.



Laupahoehoe Forest





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