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In partnership with the Hawai‘i Forest Industry Association (HFIA), the Hawai‘i Forest Institute (HFI) launched the MAHALO ‘ĀINA: Give Back to the Forest Initiative in 2014.  To date, we have raised $284,264 in donations and pledges. The goal of MAHALO ‘ĀINA is to expand our community partnerships and gain support for the protection and perpetuation of Hawaii’s forest ecosystems.

Funds raised through MAHALO ‘ĀINA are helping to support:

  • Propagation, outplanting, and long-term care of plantings;
  • Site management and maintenance;
  • Cultural and environmental education programs; and
  • Coordination and promotional activities.

MAHALO ‘ĀINA is not just a tree planting program, in addition to planting trees, it is helping to support total ecosystem management and providing forest stewardship opportunities and educational programs at project sites throughout the state. MAHALO ‘ĀINA is supporting the following projects:

Mahalo ‘Āina Discovery Forests Photos 2022

Mahalo ‘Āina Discovery Forests Photos 2022-2

MAHALO ‘ĀINA Donor Levels


MAHALO ‘ĀINA Case for Support 2019


We, the Hawaii Forest Institute and our sister organization the Hawaii Forest Industry Association give deep appreciation and thanks to our ‘āina.   We understand that we are dependent upon the land and its forests; the land is not dependent on us.  We are humbled, awed and inspired in the presence of one of the lands’ great expressions —  its forests.  We mahalo the ‘āina and we invite you to mahalo with us by Giving Back to the Forest.


Our vision for MAHALO ‘ĀINA is to help ensure a thriving future for the Hawai‘i Forest Institute’s forest restoration and education programs to benefit the ‘āina and people of Hawai‘i.

He ali‘i ka ‘āina: He kauwa ke kanaka

The land is chief: Man its servant

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Lehua Love Benefits MAHALO ‘ĀINA

HFI is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, nonprofit organization, therefore the full amount of your donation is tax deductible to the extent permitted by law (Tax ID # 90-0108457).

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