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MAHALO ‘ĀINA would not be possible without generous gifts from our community, corporate partners and individuals who care deeply about our forests and the role they play in our inter-connected ecosystem.

We’d like to acknowledge and express our deepest gratitude to the following supporters.  A special mahalo to members of the MAHALO ‘ĀINA Hui, who contributed $1,000 and over.

‘Ōhi‘a Lehua Forest ($40,000 and above)

‘Ōhi‘a Māmane Forest ($25,000-$39,999)
Paniolo Tonewoods, LLC/Siglo Tonewoods, LLC

‘Ōhi‘a  ʻIliahi Forest ($10,000-24,999)
Carl & Suzanne Merner/Merner Land Co.
Hawaii Community Foundation, Kukio Community Fund and Arthur Lawrence Mullaly Fund
In Memory of Koichi and Taniyo Taniguchi, Founders of KTA Super Stores and K. Taniguchi, Ltd.
John Ciambrone (in-kind)
Linda Clifford and Rob Klein
Rob and Cindy Pacheco, Hawaii Forest & Trail
Peter & Heather Simmons, In Memory of Our Dear Friend Rob Klein

‘Ōhi‘a Naio Forest ($5,000-$9,999)
Bob and Cindy Taylor
Edmund C. Olson Trust No. 2
Nicholas & Amy Koch, In Memory of Oliver Koch
Skyline Eco-Adventures-Akaka Falls
Tusher Architectural Group
William J. and Dorothy K. O’Neill Foundation
William Yuen

‘Ōhi‘a Koa Forest ($2,500-$4,999)
Anonymous (3)
Bob Kennedy (Hawai’i Bird Conservation Marathon)
James B. & Kathleen S. Friday
Komo Koa-Che Garcia
Laurie Ho
Margaret Schmidt, Microsoft Employee
Mike & Phyllis Robinson, In Honor of Those Who Care
Stephen L. McMinn
Stephen E. Smith
Tom and Vi Zapara
Woodsman Jewelry

‘Ōhi‘a Hāpu‘u Forest ($1,000-$2,499)
Anonymous (2)
Aileen Yeh, In Memory of Leslie Wung
Former HFIA Board Member
Hāloa ʻĀina Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood
Jay Warner, Awapuhi Farms & Mill
Kathleen Heitz Myers
Kim Regan and Daniel Hoth, In Appreciation of Rob and Cindy Pacheco
Madeline Wilson
Mark Matsuo
Thomas Calhoun
Travis & Courtney Idol
William J. Houston, Alameda Land Company Inc.

‘Ōhi‘a Lama Forest ($500 to $999)
Alan Ryan
David Deluz, Jr., Big Island Toyota
David Palmer, Café Pesto
Don and Jana Bryan
Frank Morgan
Holly Harding, O’O Hawaii
In Memory of Chris Brosius: To my son who has worked tirelessly to preserve the West Maui watershed for over 20 years
In Honor of Tracy Holmes
John Bigelow
John Britton, MD
J.P. Casselli
Julie Smolinski
Lloyd Jones
Kohanaiki Club, Inc.
Marilyn Gagen: In honor of Peter & Heather Simmons
Penny Souder: In honor of Tom Calhoun
Peter T. Young
Ross Wilson, Jr.
Sally Rice, Agro Resources, Inc.
Saiva Siddhanta Church
White Mountain Health, LLC

‘Ōhi‘a Maile Forest ($100 to $499)
Alan & Ana Gamble
Bob Kennedy & Anne Broussard
Bethany Rees, In memory of Joseph Lamendola
Brandi Pagala
Brandon Najarian
Alyssa Burt, by Blue Sky Communications on behalf of Holly Harding, O’o Hawai’i
Anonymous (2)
Andrea Gill
Andrew G. Derugin
Andrew and Catharine Seeto, In Memory of Douglas Bowen
Ann and Dan Burns
Barbara Vonnegut
Bob Masuda
Brian & Cheryl Kubo, In Memory of Rob Klein
Claudia and John Hirasuna, In Memory of Douglas Bowen
Clement Chen Ming
Clifford Bowen
Chip Hartman
Christine Piper
Christopher Diani
Christy Martin
Cindy Beth Davis-Dykema
Constance Davis
Cortney S. Midla
Cynthia Newsome
Danica Sills
David Longacre
Diane Ware
Diedra De Coito
Dogen Hosokawa
Donald Stoddard
Edwin Ikeda
Gordon Jay
Heather Kihara
Helen Walker
James Warner
John de Haan
John McCann
Jorma Winkler
Julie Murphy
Kauai’s Hindu Monastery
Kevin Carl
Lance (Kip) Dunbar
Lehua Alapai
Leslie Resnick
Little Outcrop
Marian Yasuda
Marilyn and Ronald Lee, In Memory of Douglas Bowen
Mayuran Sokkan
Michael Donoho
Michael Sowards
Michael Weitzenhoff
Nathan Richards
Paul Arinaga, In Memory of Clifford I. Arinaga
Paul Conry
Peter Honigmann, In Memory of LaVerne C McKanna
Randy Akau, Island Trophies and Awards
Richard Cunningham
R. W. Rollo Scheurenbrand
Rob Klein, for Heather Simmons for her commitment to make a difference in our state and for all the good work she has done for many years.
Robert Woodward
Ron Wolfe
Rosemary Adam-Terem
Roy Lambrecht Woodworking, Inc.
Sang Lee
Scott O’Neal
Scheurenbrand Guitars
Sharon Billingsley
Sharon Hurd
Shaun Fleming
Shawn Collins
Shirley Wagner
Susan Vaquilar, In memory of Douglas Bowen
Takahiro and Junko Yoshino
Suzanne Sophocles
The H Lyfe Method-Holly Harding
Thomas A. Loudat
Thomas Pasquale
Walter Kimo Dehmer
William Dalton
Woodcraft by Roy Tsumoto
Xann Kuenzil

‘Ōhi‘a Mala Forest (Up to $99)
Allyson Nakamoto
Andy Cole
Anonymous (1)
Anne Hellkamp
Benjamin Konshak
Brandi Pagala, Macy’s employee
Burma Barns
Christine Kelly, In honor of Danielle Kelly
Christopher Diani
Christy Martin
Cullen Pagaduan
Dagan Bernstein
David Louie
Danica Sills
Daniel Leigh
Danielle Himmelsbach, At&T employee
Darin Eastburn
Dennis Wong
Edward Downey
Elizabeth Flint
Glenn Skankey
Gordon Harwood
Henry Biscardi
Herb Kaneko
Hugh McKenzie
In honor of Marla Dorreland Gary Craven
Jack Strada
Jane Flood
Jason Louie
Jeanne Lau
Jeff O’Connell
Jennifer Toth, In honor of the remarkable life of Leilani O’Day
Joel Bright
Joel Lange
John Frackrell
Johanna Nurmi
Karen Luke
Kevin Cobarrubia
Larry Levine
Laurie Lee
Leslie Wolfson
Logan Okita
Magalie Ross
Martha Fernandes, In Memory of Jeanie Stark
Marla O’Connell
Margaret Jordan
Mats Fogelvik
Meris Emory
Michael Buck
Michael Gibson
Michael Parker
Michelle Suber
Orlo Steele
Penelope Greenler
Phuoc Dinh
Randy Steinbruegge
Raymond and Shirley Lum, In Memory of Douglas Bowen
Raymond Salley
Razelle Perkins
Richard Dalton
Richard Sylva
Richard Quinn
Robert Duffer
Robert Hahn
Robert Kurosu
Satomi Fujimura
Shawn Collins
Susie Davis
Taylor Boos
Tom England
Tommy Higashino
Wieteke Holthuijzen
Will and Judy Hancock
Willie and Jane Quayle

If you would like to make a donation, please visit the donation page.

HFI is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, nonprofit organization, therefore the full amount of your donation is tax deductible to the extent permitted by law (Tax ID # 90-0108457).

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