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Volunteers planted 600 Douglas fir seedlings and learned about planting Christmas trees with presentations and demonstrations by Horticulturalist Aileen Yeh, Hawai’i Agriculture Research Center (HARC) and Forester Kirk Derasin, Forest Solutions Inc. (FSI)

Mahalo to Project Funders and Partners

State of Hawai’i Department of Agriculture (HDOA), USDA Department of Agriculture, HARC, DLNR Division of Forestry & Wildlife, FSI, Department of Hawaiian Home Lands, County of Hawai’i Department of Research & Development, College of Tropical Agriculture & Human Resources, Coordinating Group on Alien Pest Species, Hawaii Invasive Species Council, USDA Forest Service, Kulani Correctional Facility, Aileen’s Nursery Mauna Kea Watershed Alliance.

‘Āina Mauna Christmas Tree Demonstration Project

The ‘Āina Mauna Christmas Tree Demonstration Project involves importing and propagating seed and outplanting Douglas fir seedlings on Hawai’i Island. Our goal is to show that Douglas fir is suitable for Hawai’i production and to establish protocols and methods to create top quality Christmas trees that can compete with imported trees in our local markets.

Why Are We Growing Local Christmas Trees?

According to HDOA, shipments of Christmas trees from the Pacific Northwest have been found to be widely infested with slugs and other pests. Once an invasive pest or disease becomes established in Hawai’i, it may have a devastating impact on Hawai’i agriculture. Providing Hawai’i with locally-grown Christmas trees will support import replacement and promote the “Buy Local, It Matters” message.

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