2024 Hawai’i Wood Guild Exhibition
 January 15-March 22, 2024

The 2024 Hawai‘i Wood Guild Exhibit, which was its 38th Annual Exhibition, was held at Isaacs Art Center in Waimea, January 15-March 22, 2024.  Attendees enjoyed the colors, textures, and beautiful craftsmanship of some of the best artists in Hawaiʻi. Revisit your favorite pieces and find new ones to refresh your spirit during this unique time. Exploring art encourages reflection — and there is no better way to show appreciation and respect for the incredible skill our artists have captured in paint, pastels, glass and wood. Learn more at Hawaii Wood Guild – An organization for woodworkers on the Island of Hawaii.


Isaacs Art Center
61-1268 Kawaihae Rd
Kamuela, HI 96743

Hawaii Wood Guild

The Hawaii Wood Guild is a volunteer driven, organization for woodworkers and wood enthusiasts on the Island of Hawaii. The mission of the Hawaii Wood Guild is to promote awareness and appreciation for Hawaii’s talented woodworkers and the woods with which they create.  Our livelihood relies on our forests and it is Hawaii Wood Guild’s goal to bring awareness to good forest stewardship through an alliance with the Hawaii Forest Industry Association. Learn more at Hawaii Wood Guild.