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Jill Wagner at Pālamanui Dry Forest

HFI is working with Pālamanui Global Holdings, LLC. to optimize forest health of the 72-acre Pālamanui Dry Forest Preserve in North Kona. Ethnobiologist Jill Wagner, Future Forests Nursery is collecting seed, propagating and outplanting native  species, and overseeing the maintenance of the Preserve.  Agro Resources is providing weed control, irrigation, and plant maintenance and care assistance.

Jill is mentoring three interns from Hawai‘i Community College Pālamanui Campus in seed collection and banking, propagation, outplanting, and care of native plant species at LaʻiʻŌpua and Pālamanui Preserves.  Jill and the interns engage community volunteers in forest stewardship activities including outplanting seedlings and weeding.  Outreach and site maintenance activities are also funded by The Dorrance Family Foundation; American Forests; Hawai‘i Community Foundation FLEX-Arthur Lawrence Mullaly Fund and Traut Carson Fund; and Hawai’i Tourism Authority Kūkulu Ola Program.

The Hawai’i Tourism Authority awarded HFI $24,000 to help support forest restoration and outreach activities at La‘i‘Ōpua and Pālamanui Preserves.

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